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Gatsby believed in the green light,

the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us.

Ali West
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thelastsong: Oh god, when was the last time you started laughing inappropriately?
nuriko_chan: ...
nuriko_chan: Which one~?
nuriko_chan: !?
thelastsong: The last time! I can't remember but it was in Japan...
nuriko_chan: In the ovie thearter?
nuriko_chan: When the national anthem was playing?
thelastsong: Oh, no, no... that was both of us.
nuriko_chan: And we both laughed really hard?
thelastsong: I mean you, having a "Kool-Aid Tax" moment.
nuriko_chan: There was a time when it was just me?
thelastsong: Yup.
nuriko_chan: hmmm...
nuriko_chan: I do not recall this
thelastsong: Oh well. The National Anthem was still pretty horrible. XDDD
thelastsong: God.
thelastsong: That was SO funny and surreal and weird.
nuriko_chan: it was!!!!!!
nuriko_chan: wE HAD E..
nuriko_chan: We had every right
thelastsong: Constitutional!
nuriko_chan: LOL
nuriko_chan: LOLING FOR DAYS
thelastsong: :3

Cheering for you, my only self.

Stylesheet by minty_peach
by minty_peach

i'm in slytherin!

Slytherin means never having to say you're sorry


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