Ali West (nuriko_chan) wrote,
Ali West

A less interesting post with less interesting pictures

Okay, so, has anyone reading this seen Clueless? And do you remember that scene where Cher is getting ready to go on a date with that guy who ends up being gay, and she makes cookies by taking a whole roll of cookie dough and just dropping it onto a sheet pan? And then she forgets it and it comes out as a charred roll?

Ever since I saw that scene I've wanted to do the same thing because I've been CONVINCED that that's not what would happen and I've always wondered what would. Here, in Japan, with Sarah, I finally found out.

There was one minor bump in the road because apparently the grocery store on base doesn't sell ROLLs of cookie dough, which is retarded, but they sell this flattened out, break apart version.

But that was easily fixable!!! We waited for the dough to get to get to room temperature, rolled it out, then put it back in the fridge:

Yeah, I was like... OD dedicated to this whole experiment.

Still gooey in the center kinda!

Aaaand finished!!! The results were pretty much exactly as I expected but it was still something I needed to do, lol.

Eatting it was even funner:

This is about as far as we got until we decided we were done, haha.
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