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Harajuku and Shibuya! (With some Yokosuka lolz)


So, in Harajuku, right outside the train station you could either like... Go one way and it would be this mess of clothing and jewelry shops and all that, or you'd go the other way and there was this really pretty walk way with a bunch of trees and all these really cute Japanese kid and the first, honest-to-goodness "Here is a bunch of Japanese touristy hoodickeys" I've seen yet which, is somewhat surprisingly absent in most Japan places I've been too! It's only somewhat surprisingly because like... I get it, but at the same time it's like... I dunno. When I go to NYC all I do is hang out in Times Square, so it's weird for me to not see like 20 of them in a two block span.

But anyway!

I'm gonna apologize because so many of these pictures are blurry! They should not be, I do not know what was up with my camera that day :(

I wish I had taken cleaer pictures of those barrels because they were so pretty! Harajuku was pretty amazing, everyone was SO pretty and trendy and like... ahh, Lolita shops!! Playing Techno Disney Music!!! I have to say that it was like, ridiculously surreal to be standing in a Baby Shines So Bright store. (This is Sarah fixing Ali's mistakes, y'all. It was a Body Line shop. And then Closet Child. And the brand is "Baby, The Stars Shine Bright".)

So, Sarah lives in Yokosuka which isn't as exciting but still provides some lulz and photops.

Like this, which I wanted to take a picture because I've seen at least one stall in every Japanese bathroom that has one.. It's like a little place to put your baby while you're peeing! It's fantastic.

Also we go for yakiniku all the fucking time because it's amazing, and this time it was especially so because I got a little piece of meat shaped like California!

And it's home to ROCK BAR FUCK YEAH!

And sales. BUT! Only to those who know true values.

And then here is when we went to Shibuya! SO, for those not in the know... You know when there's a TV show or something that mentions Japan/Tokyo, and they show that big cross walk with all the people crossing? That's right outside of Shibuya train station! And there suuure are a crapload of people. It's nuts.

Me and Sarah found this on the floor! wut!

No people!

FINAL BARGAIN! I loved this sign

And then Sarah decided she wanted to take me on a TOUR! We went uphill and saw a bunch of... hotels.

Well first thing that stood out was this spooky hospital prison resturant with nurses that Sarah wants to go to but I think it's too spooky ;_; ;_;

Explore our wonderful and healing world. It brings you an amazing time.

So I took a picture of that fancy silver dark store enterance because it was so fancy! Two things I didn't realize:
1. It was a sex shop.
2. Me and Sarah were gonna go in to browse! lol

HOTEL CLAAAAAIRE was my favorite.

Me and Sarah went to go check what kind of rooms it had and it had SUCH A FANCY DOOR.

Me and Sarah, ahem, may or may not be planning on spending a night there coughcough...



I want to own everything pictured here.

And this is just cool lookin'

This is my favorite Japanese advertisment.

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