Ali West (nuriko_chan) wrote,
Ali West

Day 2!

So, like, all of Japan isn't all Anime! Robots! Putting little girls in compromising positions! all the time, but AKIHABARA SURE IS.

Most things were closed since we were there so early, but it was okay because it gave us some time to get breakfast at MISTER DONUT.

Mister Donut is hardcore because his mustache has a mustache. No lie.

After that we walked around some more


Sarah also took me to this filthy place that no two girls should ever be! For serious, in each store we weren't the only two people there and I could not shake the feeling like I was totally intruding! Also while it's all stuff I, heh, apperciate... most of it is something I have no interest in owning. ALTHOUGH, I did see these Threads of Fate Doujin that I almost bought out of principal because WHAT, THREADS OF FATE!?

There are not many pictures of our time in the stores because most of them had No ! Photo signs and I'm not a dick, so yeah.

But after that things started opening up and we went to more stores including this cosplay store! I snapped a quick picture of the K-On gutair because I was kinda impressed by it's existance.

Also we went to COSPA which... wow, I cannot even say. There wasn't much that I wanted to buy there but I apperciated being there like you would not believe. Man.

Then we went to the thing I've been looking forward to the most this whole trip.... CAFE WITH CATS!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so Cafe with Cats is this fucking amazin place where you pay like 8 dollars for a half an hour to sit around an hang out with a bunch of cats and it was just the coolest place ever. You just chill there and there's drink machines and you don't even have to pay seperately for the drinks!

Photography was allowed there, and I took a BUNCH of pictures:

There was this one cat who like... I'm not sure if he was trained that way or if he was a smart enough cat to like, know what the deal with his job was and to make sure that every paying customer got their fill, but like.... it was the weirdest thing, it was me, and Sarah, and this other guy, and he went around and sat on each of our laps for a little bit!!

When I tried to take a picture of his face, he ran away

And then hung out with Sarah

Also there was this dude who kept like... snuggling with my feet. And I was like, Hey cat, if you uhm... come over here I will pet you WITH MY HANDS but he was having none of it. Also half the time he was sticking his tongue out so I think there was something just straight up wrong with this cat

After that we WENT TO A MAID CAFE. Like immediately afterwards, which results in that being the most bizarre hour of my life. There weren't pictures allowed in the cafe either but I snapped this one because it was lulz:


After that we headed over to Nanako to go to Nanako Broadway, which also had a no picture policy but I had had had to get one of this because I er... wasn't going to buy it but wanted to remember it forever.

THE CELL OF SWAGGER LAW GIVING HIS RING TO MIRAI!!!!!! Man, I shoulda bought it out of principal....

Also this picture of Sarah straight sitting on the floor digging through a box of discount gashapon, lolz.

After walking around all ay we were beat ass tired and decided to get dinner which was so, so, crazy delicious. LOOK AT THAT. The most amazing thing about this meal was that it was so cheap... everything pictured here cost 860 yen!!

Today was also great because I BOUGHT THINGS.

The Pia Carrot stuff is things that I needed to buy not so much out of desire but principal... the same for another figure that I saw that was covered by this tarp because it's on sale tomorrow for 85% off.... hnnrrgh I might go back and get it.

Anyway! The Phoneix Wright cellphone charms are sort of a funny story because in the same building that Cospa was in, on the bottom was this whole floor of gashapon machines which I had some pretty poor luck with. The first one I went to was the Phoenix Wright machine, where I wanted to get any one except for Apollo since Sarah had already gotten him once before and was going to give him to me..... then I got Apollo. After that went to a Machine that had a bunch of Chocobo Dungeon keychains and I was like "Oh man, I want everyone except for this one...." Which is the one that I got! (the purple and brown dudes chillin' there). After that I went to the machine with the Phoenix Wright fingers and almost got my money stuck in it!! But luckil was able to figure out how to do it with Sarah's help.

I got the full set because Sarah and I went to a bunch of places that sell full gashapon sets opened, and the whole thing was only 650 yen! But now I have three Apollo keychains, so if there's anyone out there who wants one, lemme know. lol
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