My name is Ali West

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My name is Ali West

A less interesting post with less interesting pictures

Okay, so, has anyone reading this seen Clueless? And do you remember that scene where Cher is getting ready to go on a date with that guy who ends up being gay, and she makes cookies by taking a whole roll of cookie dough and just dropping it onto a sheet pan? And then she forgets it and it comes out as a charred roll?

Ever since I saw that scene I've wanted to do the same thing because I've been CONVINCED that that's not what would happen and I've always wondered what would. Here, in Japan, with Sarah, I finally found out.

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Being studious.

On my school grind

Monday and Wednesday:

PSY 45 - Mind, Body, and Behavior - 12:15 - 02:05 - James 5403
PSY 60 - Comparative Psychology -  02:15 - 03:30 - James 3203
ACNT1 - Accounting 101                  - 04:15 - 05:55 - Whitehead 222
CC3.32 - Geology                             - 06:05 - 07:45 - Ingersoll 3127
My name is Ali West


So, I have Harajuku and Shibuya pictures that I need to put up that I promise I will get around to (Sorry to anyone who's looking forward to more stories of my Japanaventures!) but posting these is... sort of a priority.

To all of those who don't really care about the Gundam or don't feel like looking at the trillions of pictures I took, here's a really cute video of my cats:

For everyone else....

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Now Japan pictures!

So hanging out in Yokosuka has lead to a lot of lazy days and not much to photograph, so there haven't been that many pictures. Sorry? Also, er, I guess I'm not a jerk so I don't take pictures inappropriate places either, lol

So, one of the things I love the most about Japan is YAKUNIKU. It's a resturant where you go and grill your own meat and uhm, it's baaaallin'.

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My name is Ali West

Posting this a bit late...

So Friday was Sarah and I's last day in Tokyo for a bit, now we are in Yokosuka and just chillin' so don't expect too many pictures after this point, because most days we will just be chilling and being kind of lazy, lol

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