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Ali West
18 June 2009 @ 02:30 am
So uhm, maybe there are a few of you who aren't in the know, but I'M IN JAPAN.

Its pretty ballin'.

My trip so far, along with about a billion pictures.Collapse )
Ali West
15 May 2009 @ 09:55 pm
Cats and geese!Collapse )
Ali West
05 May 2009 @ 05:14 pm
So I got a new camera yesterday and didn't have work today and was looking forward to taking pictures of my cats antics all day but they haven't done anything interesting all day.

For reals look at this boring shitCollapse )
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Ali West
So, if you've been following along close enough at home, it should come to no surprise to you when I say I am a Coheed and Cambria fan. I'd even go so far to say that they are my favorite band at this point. Recently I had a discussion with Drew where he told me I could change the background of his laptop if I wanted to (I'm the one who uses it the most) and since this Camille background that's up is getting a little old I decided to look around for something.

animepapers.net is so tired so I started my search looking for some Coheed backgrounds, really just hoping that I would find a high-res version of this album cover:

since I like it a whole bunch because it is dark, pretty, and relevant to my interests--the only three requirements I have for a good background.

The first page I found was this site. I... am no longer looking for a Coheed background, purely out of principal.

I added some gems here I'm not even sure if I should add some snarky commentary or not, because they speak for themselvesCollapse )
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: *NSync - Bye Bye Bye
Ali West
15 April 2009 @ 12:22 am
1. Comment and I will give you 3 people from a fandom I have some idea you are interested in.
2. Post this meme with your answers.
3. Provide pictures and the names of the three people.
4. Label which you would marry, shag, or throw off a cliff.

Sarah gave me a bunch of characters none of you care about, lolCollapse )
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Ali West
17 March 2009 @ 01:12 pm
So today, on St. Patricks day, I was going to do three things.

1. Put in the paper work for my Irish citizenship
2. Wander around Manhattan
3. Go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art

I am doing none of these things and am quite happy about it because I suppose I neglected to plan that the people at the Irish Embassy might be a  wee bit preoccupied with other things today, and that it's a holiday so everyone else is going to be in Manhattan and dang, if there is anything that I hate, it is everyone else.

What is kind of infuriating though is that in my Dad's mess of tools and such, I am incapable of finding these two things: a nail, and a hammer.

A nail and a hammer.

I guess my annoyance is a little unfounded because a) I haven't checked the garage yet, b) he's at work so a majority of tools are probably with him (even though this is common household stuff so some of this should have stayed here >/ ) and c) if my Dad really doesn't own a hammer (which is pretty impossible. It has to be) why would he have a nail? The fact that I can't find either is pretty bad but I should expect that if they'd go missing, they'd go missing together.

This is mostly annoying because I keep like, telling myself that "I know I had a box of nails once!" but that was maybe 5+ years ago when I bought a little box for Sarah to give to her ('cuz robots eat them, y'know) but since that was three houses (and one apartment!) ago I am thinking that I should probably just let that thought go.

Besides that, I think today I'm going to do some school work and try to make icons out of my Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and my Tom Goes to the Mayor DVDs.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, guys~!

Edit: I found a nail and a mallet. No, not a hammer, a straight up mallet. Guys, I do not even know.

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Ali West
15 March 2009 @ 09:40 pm
So like, my week as a whole did not turn out that bad, which is good, because bad times are no good.

Thursday I ended up calling out of work, which maybe wasn't the best thing to do but at the time I didn't really give a fuck. It also ended up working out well since my student loan check arrived and since I was home, a: no one opened it on me and b: I was able to deposit it that day and also take a trip to the post office to apply for a passport!!

It's actually kind of a funny story. I took the bus up to the post office and got there at 3:00 when the passport office closes at 3:30, waited on the wrong line for a little bit and then went to go speak to the actual passport guy. He informed me that not only is their camera broken but I'll need to go somewhere down the block and get my passport pictures taken and that I'll need to hurry up because "no lie, at 3:29:59 I am standing here with my hand on this door to close the window." If I was more of an ass I would have caused more of a fuss because like, hey, stop being a dick about this especially since it is not my fault that you can't service that you are supposed to!! Luckily I knew the photo place he was talking about and it was just down the block and across the street a little ways but like, it was not the greatest place to be when you're in a hurry. I ended up making it back to the post office at like 3:33 and luckily the guy was still there! Yay!

What made this day even more great is that to take the bus home I waited at the wrong stop for like 20 minutes and then ended up walking to the train station and just taking a cab and then when I got home and realized I didn't have my birth certificate I FREAKED OUT and called the post office and they were like "Yeah..... we keep that." What makes this even funnier is that I may have dropped a stack on a passport that may end up being useless depending on how crazy I am and how quickly things go, but let me just vaguely say now: America is great and all, but being American is overrated.

Friday I had an uneventful day at work followed by an eventful trip to Ruby Tuesday's! Kinda. There was a bartender there who I hadn't met today but was really nice and funny, which may have been sort of an occupational thing but oh well. lolz were had when I ordered a bottle of water accidentally and even more lolz were had when Justin called me! I spent like 90% of our conversation calling him an asshole which he took very graciously because, y'know, hey, it's nothing the dude doesn't know.

SATURDAY was the day of Sean's party which was a good time!! But of course that didn't go over smoothly. I was supposed to head there early but I woke up at 12:30 and had to whip up some fake blood before heading out. The fake blood consisted of three types of syrup ( maple, rasberry and strawberry(didn't want to use all the maple because hey, what if I make pancakes??)), red food dye, water, and a little bit of flour. I only successed in making myself look like a big mess but I I SMELLED AMAZING. No lie. Anyway, so I took a cab so I could catch the 1:28 train and ended up arriving at the train station at 1:30. Then Drew got home and had no way of getting to the train so I had to spend some time convincing him to let me pay for a cab so we could go in together, but since the cabs in Freeport suck he was also late for the next train, so I didn't end up leaving Freeport train station until like 3:30. You know what's not fun, guys? Hanging out at a train station for two hours. Thought I'd let ya know.

The party itself was great, though!! Thank you for the invite, ddrkaiba !! I'm glad you enjoyed your gifts. :3
blackmage137 , mcdohl , dressdragn it was cool chilling with you again!

I ducked out of the party a little early since I didn't want to get home to late, ended up getting home at like 12:30 and staying up talking to Justin until about 7 AM.

I woke up today at like 4:50 PM.

My weekend: ballin'.

Edit: I just spent 45 dollars on 6 very cute, high quality t-shirts! ( That is including shipping and that's like 7.50 per shirt. That is a deal, for real ) ::Kisses threadless.com:: My weekend: even ballin'er.

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: THE ROOM. It is fantastic.
Ali West
10 March 2009 @ 11:35 pm
it's weird that the kind of things that lj is made for, it sort of fails on.

i fill it up with silly memes and cat pictures and good times but i have those jim in casino night and dante looking miserable so that when things go wrong i have somewhere to write about it, you know?

to make me feel better, to help me resolve the issue, etc. etc. it's why you have a journal.

things haven't been good for a long time and no one around me has been happy for a very long time. there always needed to be a change and everyone knew that but no one knew what to change, how to make it better.

things have changed but they aren't better.

and they aren't going to be.

and there's still nothing that anyone's going to do about it, anything that they can do about it.

writing the details here isn't going to help, so why bother?

thanks for the good times at least lj.
Ali West
08 March 2009 @ 10:01 pm

Enough about my cats, really.

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: "No, come back--it's garbage time."
Ali West
07 March 2009 @ 01:13 pm
Alright so like, yesterday I like... had a really bad day at work but then it was awesome. I can't even explain why it was a bad day! It just, I dunno, I was there and I just couldn't stand it more then I usually do. I was just anxious to get out of there like, really, really bad.

But about a half an hour before I left like, the greatest thing ever happened to me!!! Only not? Well, I dunno, it felt fucking nice. This one requires a little bit of a backstory, though.

A few months back I almost lost my job. I didn't update about it because I didn't want to write about it until I knew what was going on with my position and all and then by that time I just didn't feel like it, lol.

What happened was that I got short changed by some grimey guy, by the tune of like.. two hundred and something dollars. Yeah. Why do I still work there? I wish that I knew because I would have fired me! I can't really explain how it happened now, I used to know exactly back when it happened since I REPLAYED IT OVER AND OVER AND OVER in my head, but what had happened was like... this dude bought a drink and paid for it with a hundred dollar bill, and then was like "Oh miss, lemme see that I got gave you a 50 not a 100" and then like, asked me to make change for him a bunch of times but since I didn't get the chance to put the money that was Best Buy's back into my drawer before making change for this guy he really just like.... a lot of money! I feel like I could be explaining this better but yeah, that's how it happened. It sucked. I had to write a statement to HR and I cried like a little girl because I thought I was going to lose my job and also just felt like such a big DUMB DUMBY and it sucked.

What actually ended up happening is that I got written up, and was put on notice which means if my drawer is short again for three months from the time when I signed that paper (which uhm.. I think is sometime in March or April, actually, so hollah!!!) and there's also some cunt at my job who I think thinks that I stole that money and just treats me like shit but she's a bitch anyway so like, I think she'd be doing this either way. ANYWAY. That's what happened a few months ago, which brings us to last night!

Like I said, I didn't want to be there, I was having a bad night and blah blah blah blah blah when this skeevie looking guy comes up with an iced tea. Pays for it with a hundred dollar bill and then is like "Oh wait, miss, lol, lemme just give you two dollars." ALRIGHT SURE GUY. I take his two dollars and hand him back his hundred and suddenly he has a 10 in his hand! Gasp! This dude is like "Miss look at what you gave me I gave you 100 dollars!" And I'm like "No, I didn't. I handed you a hundred. I can call over my manager to count the drawer if you want me to." And he's like "Yeah do that just give me the change from my two dollars..." I do that and close my drawer and I'm like "...Do you still want me to call over my manager?" And he's like "Oh no, what I said was that I wanted you to give me change of a 10" LOL OKAY. I noticed the kid next to me had his drawer open and I was like "Okay, what change do you want?" And he was like "Well I tried to put it in a machine and it wouldn't accept it so I just actually wanted to know if you could give me a new ten." lol. Sorry sir, have a good night.

Granted, the second situation was way more transparent then the first one and I shouldn't have even let it happen the first time but damn it felt NICE. My hands were shaking so bad when that dude said I gave him a 10 but like, listen guy, fuck you. I told my supervisor who was working that night and that I explained the situation to the first time (Tina you're the best) and I was like I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELFFF :D

lol I'm such a nerd but it made my day.

THEN. Fucking I woke up this morning and checked my email and this shit was waiting for me and holy crap oh my god:

I have the best of friends and tscheese is one of them. She already drew a picture of my cats once but this shit is just fucking tops, oh my god. The greatest thing about this picture (besides the detail on those helmets, WHAT) is that while she was drawing it I was having this exact conversation with Alessa. I was trying to eat a crunchwrap and this cat was like "meow meow meow oh shit cheese yum" and I was like LISTEN NO, YOU ATE DINNER. I DID NOT. COOL IT.

anyway, for now, brb, because I'm gonna go google pet sized star wars helmets.

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