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So, I have Harajuku and Shibuya pictures that I need to put up that I promise I will get around to (Sorry to anyone who's looking forward to more stories of my Japanaventures!) but posting these is... sort of a priority.

To all of those who don't really care about the Gundam or don't feel like looking at the trillions of pictures I took, here's a really cute video of my cats:

For everyone else....

So, actually getting to the Gundam was really cool because me and Sarah got to the train station and were like Nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww what, but right once you got off the escalator to the train there was this poster that had like a little map, that was like "Go out Exit B!" And me and Sarah were like Wheeeere's exit B, but then right through where you leave the station there was a big sign that was like EXIT B ---> which lead to this really awesome escalator, that had a bunch of Gundam posts as you went up! Eee!

Sarah was all like "nnnngh, why are ya takin' pictures of these posters as we're goin' up the escalator >O" but I was like >O back.

Anyway so when we left the train station we were like "Nowwwww what..." because while that map was totally appreciated, it was not very specific aside from Exit B!

We luckily started walking in the right direction right off the bat, down this like long walkway that went up to this weirdo.... I don't even know, kinda half mall that had this little thing on the bottom where kids could bounce around, and then this little pool where they could ride these little boats and there was a huge McDonalds and blah blah blah, yeah.

There was also this really awesome ferris wheel!!

I suggested to Sarah that we should ride it and she didn't want to. :( I thought I should ride it though, so I could find the Gundam and then we'd go there! That also didn't happen. But we were going the right way anyway, since after getting off the train you had to ride this little monorail two or three stops to over where the Gundam was, and at the end of the monorail station there was this really pretty view!

(I've decided suddenly to resize these pictures at 640x840, sorry for the change midpost! Haha)

Not the greatest ever but I apperciated it!

Me and Sarah and also all the Japanese people on the monorail fflllllliiiiiipppped out once we could see it in the distance! Even just looking at these pictures I'm like "Eeeee!!"

Almost therreeee!!

The Gundam itself was in this field where it was in the middle and then around the edges there were like, places selling shish-kabab's and there was a little gift shop and such. More on that later.

Sarah, LOL, I am so sorry this picture is not that flattering XD

Mine isn't either!

My bff: She's a pretty gal.

What it would have been like if Kanye West joined us!! Haha. Yeah, uh, I guess to those who are wondering: I wasn't wearing the shudda shades the whole time, only in pictures, LOL.

And behind it they had this little footstep, lolol

They had this moment where steam came out of the Gundam and this music played and it was really, really nice, and in celebration of that I decided to take this really shitty video? Aha, sorry dudes.

After walking under the Gundam the first time, me and Sarah took some more pictures then decided to wait around until the sun set a little bit. There were all these picnic tables set up but most of them were full, but we saw this one guy sitting at the end of one with this really pretty golden retriever, so Sarah walked up and asked in japanese if we could pet it. Or well... she said "Dog.... ::Pet motion:: Dog.... Is it okay?" And dude said it was and he fed the dog some treats while we pet it, and then Sarah asked in better Japanese what the dogs name was and the dude, for seriously, I SHIT YOU NOT, said "Luke... Luke Skywalker" IF YOU KNOW ME YOU KNOW HOW MONUMENTAL THAT WAS. I wish I had reacted accordingly, but the guy seemed just a bit uncomfortable and I was letting Sarah take charge of the conversation and she didn't realize he said Luke Skywalker but I should have been like STAR WARS? I AM A BIG FAN. If only!

We also decided to get something to drink, but at this booth we went to they didn't have anything I wanted but they did have these little Gundam hand towels that me and Sarah both got, but upon purchase realized you didn't pick which one you got, there was this big freezer where they were in little white bags and you picked them out and got whatever it was, kinda like gashapon machines? Sarah got three at first, one for me, her, and Bryan and the first one that I got was a Dom which was the only one I really really wanted so I was really happy! I went and got s'more for Drew and Justin (not tellin' you guys what you got though :3) These hand towels were AMAZING by the way because they were so fucking smart to have hand towels with ice cold water because while the weather was pretty mild yesterday, Japan gets fucking balls hot and that shit is in the middle of a field with no shade.

These hand towels started something... kinda crazy in Sarah, because there were like 5 different ones you could get and she really wanted to get a Char's Custom Zaku II, and bought like.. 7 of these little hand towels and the people at the booth were like "... Seven!?" so apparently one of the guys who worked there walked off to the side with her and did this little drug deal trade off to get her one! lol! She went back and bought another towel, though, because she wanted to get a Gouf but after buying one more and getting a Char Zaku (wut!!) she ended up trading with this nearby kid who had two Goufs!

I took a very awful snapshot of the exchange, because I was beyond amused lol.

Sarah and I were SO punchy though, omg, because I remember shortly after the Steam Up/Encounters in Space moment with the Gundam I was like "Sarah you have to go to this gift shop over here because they have little keychains of a dog holding Haro!!" and she FLIPPED OUT!!! Like completely flipped out. Sarah really likes dogs.

Can you blame her though? Look how cute this dude is. (He's currently hanging from my wallet, along with the cat that I posted the other day, lol)

Anyway, more pictures!

The Gundam wasn't the only nice view! Even though this is a REALLY shitty picture.

I fucking LOVE the color of the sky in this picture.

Drew coined the phrase "As ballin' as possible" and that's what I am in this picture.

So at one point, me and Sarah were taking pictures and then she was like "I'm going to go over there to take pictures!" and then darted away from me REALLY quickly which was pretty much the poorest idea ever. Wanna know why?

Look at this picture. Where is Sarah? I DON'T FUCKING KNOW.

It was funny because I was so frustrated with Sarah while I was looking for her, but then I ended up looking up at the Gundam and I was so happy again and I took more pics! Haha

And that was that! Ahhh... on the way home the Ferris Wheel was all lit up and looked so pretty:

And so was the little quasi mall/whatever place:

And that was that! I feel like I should say more but man... man.

Here are two more kinda crumby videos I took:
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