Ali West (nuriko_chan) wrote,
Ali West

Now Japan pictures!

So hanging out in Yokosuka has lead to a lot of lazy days and not much to photograph, so there haven't been that many pictures. Sorry? Also, er, I guess I'm not a jerk so I don't take pictures inappropriate places either, lol

So, one of the things I love the most about Japan is YAKUNIKU. It's a resturant where you go and grill your own meat and uhm, it's baaaallin'.

So good.

Also there's these cabs on base and when I saw this I lol'd hard:

Anyone who's ever been a college student knows that you do not want to be That Guy.

So, what me and Sarah have been doing the most is browsing the malls in the area (there's two within walking distance of the base) and one day she went into a kimono store and tried two gooooooorgeous, ridiculously expensive kimonos on.

The lady who helped Sarah was so incredibly nice and while I was sitting and watching her help Sarah get dressed and all, she served me tea and then tried to explain to me that it was 100 years old? Me and Sarah never quite figured out if it was just a 100 year old recipe or they were.. preserved leaves or something? But anyway it was really good, which is surprising, because I usually don't like tea. As you see, I drank all of it! Yum. I want some more, oddly enough.

Japan hasn't been perfect though, I have to admit that I have some awful stories from you.

So Sarah doesn't have the greatest.... living habits ever, I guess that's the way to say it? But like. So. I go into this chick's kitchen one day looking for something to eat but it was pretty slim pickins, but I opened up her cabinet and saw a box of hostess cupcakes and was so happy!!! I pulled it out, and saw....

...........wwwwwwhat. You can't really see it too well but like, the frosting was a good 5 shades of brown more then it should be, and the white frosting became kind of beige? It was so awful and hilarious, haha.

BUT EVEN MORE SO... Was... okay... Let me set this story up.

On the 4th of July, Sarah and I were trying to plan out where we should go and what we should do, since we went out to the mall and got the the base around 7 and had to figure it out. She mentioned that she wished she lived on the other side of her building because then we could just go out onto the balcony. I, inspired by The Cat Returns and Persona 4, thought that we should try going onto the roof! Because all Japanese roofs are apparently accessable? We got up to the top floor and learned sadly that there was a window there that if it were a little lower would have been fine, and if the door wasn't locked it would have been the perfect place to hang out. So we turn to leave and when we do we notice.................

Used. Hangin' out there ontop of a Fire Exstingisher. Just....... in the least appropriate place ever.

Greatest thing about this story? Me and Sarah just glanced at each other and both pulled out our cameras simultaneously.

Also I bought this really pretty hair clip. Thought I'd throw that in.

Also Sarah's cat was playing with a sick mask being really cute.

And that's what Japan is like.
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