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Posting this a bit late...

So Friday was Sarah and I's last day in Tokyo for a bit, now we are in Yokosuka and just chillin' so don't expect too many pictures after this point, because most days we will just be chilling and being kind of lazy, lol

I wanna start out this entry by showing something that's really ballin' and that I've only seen in Japan thus far. You're ever on an escalator and then there's a point where you have to walk and then there's another escalator?

That is not an issue in Japan, or, well, at least in this station in Akihabara.

We started off this day by returning to Akihabara because like... we had gone there the day before and in one of the stores we went to, there was all these things covered by tarps and we were like "...whyy...." and there was a figure that was kind of on the edge of said pile of covered things so Sarah grabbed it and bought it anyway, and the guy was like "....The sale doesn't start until tomorrow :|" but gave her the price anyway, so we returned to see what else was on sale lol. I snagged this which is basically what we'd returned for since it was on the edge as well, and then also ended up getting this because it was on sale for 1500 yen (15USDish)!!! That's kind of a crazy sale.

After that we went into Taito station which was... kind of amazing if the layout didn't confuse me a bit.

Y'see, on the second floor, if you walk forward a little bit the first thing you see is this awesome cardboard cutout:

With this awesome arcade game next to it.

Which is cool, and hardcore and all. Rambo should have an arcade game after all, but.... if you turn right, you meet this:


Yeah..... for some reason, the RAMBO ARCADE GAME is on the same floor as all the photobooths! Granted, it's off to the side a little, but STILL! I was so confused.

Here's some other lulz from Taito Station and Akihabara:

And I got this awesome cellphone charm from a gashapon machine:

I was so happy I got the tuxedo cat one!

After that we headed to Tokyo Dome City!!

Yeah, it really is the soft and juicy handmade hamburger Steak that shut up the taste of beef.

Then we went to Dennys! Which is not much like the American Denny's, lol, though I wasn't really expecting it to be so. Sarah got ramen and I ended up getting french toast, since I am unable to not associate Denny's with breakfast.

On the way out I got this fabulous lighter.

After that, me and Sarah felt like total crap for some weird reason so we headed back to the hotel, but not before we both took a picture of this really cool looking butterfly:

We were going to do up our last day in Tokyo the classy way, by exploring stuff at night and going to Shibuya and going to some place where they let you cook your own meat that escapes me right now. We did settle on doing something really classy on our last night, but Sarah and I have a different definition of "class."

WE GOT MCDONALDS AND CANNED CHAMPAGNE!!! That even comes with it's own straws that both extend and bend! Talk about FANCY

Oooooo yeah! You can see there that I also have a bottle of coke, since I am not a fan of alcohol and while Sarah said champagne was really good, sometimes I do not trust her as far as I can throw her.

I ended up mixing the champagne and coke together, LOL. It really did taste fucking awful but I wanted to finish the can because half-a-can-of-champagne Sarah is annoying enough that I was going to be a trooper so I didn't have to deal with two-cans-of-champagne Sarah.

Also since I know you want it, here is a close up of that chicken nuggets box:

Oooh yeah.

Also since I figured I was beoing so classy anyway, it would be a good time to try this ramune Kit Kat that I got! It was actually not so bad, it tasted a lot like bubble gum ice cream to be honest. I'm probably not going to ever buy one again, but at least it wasn't awful.

This night taught me two things. 1, that me and Sarah are awesome, and 2, that I need more then a can of champagne to feel anything but... sort of a headache?
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